Buskers Bern


„Bern is one of many international cities that ücelebrates the tradition of street performance with a multi-day festival. Join us for the Buskers Bern festival, and meet a musician who busks around Bern year-round.

The idea of organizing a festival in the middle of a town with a lot of street musicians from all around the world is not new at all and popped up around 30 years ago.
Buskers Bern took off in 2004 and has ever since happened in the middle of August. 150 artists grace the Federal Town of Switzerland annually and transform our wonderful Old Town into a fantastic venue for music and performance.“

Website: https://www.buskersbern.ch
Fotograf: Joe Bürgi


Mein Name ist Josef "Joe" Bürgi, Musik- und Eventfotograf aus Belp. Ich liebe Sport, Musik und die spezielle Stimmung, vor allem im Fotograben. Die Nähe zum Publikum und den Musikern ist einmalig.